Posted on 06/22/2016 | About Port Hope, Ontario

European cities get crowded during the summer months and Amsterdam is one example:
streets are congested and hotels become expensive. Hoorn, located thirty five kilometres north of city is a viable alternative for exploring the Netherlands. Day trips to Amsterdam are feasible but the town itself features historic buildings, traditional squares and outdoor cafes. Its smaller size makes it easier to connect with people: on my third day the residents made me feel like a local. The area is a great location for cycling or walking: cars are prohibited on several of its streets and the Grote Noord is exclusively a
pedestrian thorough fare. Hoorn became a city in 1357 and its seaport served as a base for the Dutch East India Trading Company. Touring the area you can see the old locks to the city’s canals and two towers that served as part of the original city walls. Many of the buildings built during the Elizabethan Era still are in use including the Maria Tower which can be rented as tourist accommodation. Two dikes now separate Hoorn from the sea and it now functions as an inland port on the Markermeer. On Saturdays the town hosts a large Farmer’s market where shoppers can explore a wide variety of food and products.