Jordaan Food Tour

Posted on 06/22/2016 | About Port Hope, Ontario

While travel is about discovering new places and customs it also helps you learn things
about yourself. Food tours provide a great opportunity to try different food and learn how a city developed in relationship to other cultures. Recently I enjoyed a food tour of the Jordan area in Amsterdam. Our trip featured some stereotypical Dutch food but also cuisine inspired by its colonies. Our first stop was at a traditional “brown café” which is a pub historically decorated in
dark woods. After meeting our group and enjoying poffertjes with coffee our guide lead us through the area to different shops and restaurants where we sampled pastries, herring, kibbling, cheeses and
bitterballen. I expected to sample Indonesian Food however our tour included a Suriname restaurant: this cuisine had been developed by Indonesians when they immigrated to Suriname. The
fusion of cultures made for a great food experience.